In a fast-paced convenience store, will your cashier be able to take the time to check for counterfeit bills every time a $10 or $20 crosses the counter? Or in a dimly-lit nightclub, will your bartender be able to detect differences in portraits or watermarks on a forged bill just by looking or by feeling the paper? The FlashTest™ is the answer!

As longtime innovators in the field of counterfeit bill detection, Dri Mark is committed to keeping pace with forgers by bringing you the fastest, easiest point-of-sale counterfeit money detector products on the market.  The FlashTest™ works in almost any retail environment – cramped, noisy, or dark!

The FlashTest™ provides three fast, simple tests for fake money that most customers won’t even notice have been performed. Quickly test ink, watermark, and UV strip with the FlashTest™.  Watch it in action here! The FlashTest™ puts power right on the countertop and requires minimal training.

Count on Dri Mark to keep pace with counterfeiters and continually provide fast, reliable authentication of genuine currency. The FlashTest™ and our other innovative, convenient counterfeit detectors are available for bulk purchase. Contact us here for more information.