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Celebrate Employee Ownership Month with Dri Mark


Celebrate Employee Ownership Month with Dri Mark

October 14, 2022

Celebrate Employee Ownership Month with Dri Mark

Did you know that October is Employee Ownership Month? Throughout the month of October, employee-owned companies use this time to celebrate their company, their accomplishments, and most of all their employees.

There are a few different forms of employee ownership programs including but not limited to, Equity Compensation Plans, Worker Cooperatives, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans. As an ESOP, Dri Mark Products is very proud to have their name included in the list of employee-owned companies. An employee stock ownership plan or ESOP is an employee benefit program that gives workers ownership interest in their company in the form of shares of stock.

Now, why is this important? The answer is simple, and it’s that employee-owned companies tend to be stand out performers in their categories. Year after year employee-owned companies account for more than half of the companies listed on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies list. Employees are invested in their company and in return, go above and beyond to service their customers.

We sat down with Dri Mark’s Business Development Manager Taffey Boyd-Corbett to discuss the evolution of Dri Mark and why you should work with a company that is not only made in the USA, but employee owned!

Q: When did you first begin working at Dri Mark?

A: October actually marks my 19th anniversary with Dri Mark. My first day was in October of 2003!

Q: When and why did Dri Mark become an ESOP? 

A: The ESOP plan was started back in 2001. Dri Mark is a family business, and it is my thought they wanted the staff to be a part of the family. I’ve known Dri Mark to be very considerate of employee’s well-being and future so the move to become an ESOP aligns with their core values.

Q: How has being part of an ESOP affected the way you and other employees perform?

A: The staff is invested in the company in so many ways, so we want Dri Mark to be successful and prosperous. Dri Mark’s success as a company adds so much to our success as individual employees, this urges all of us to do the best job possible.

Q: What do you think is special about Dri Mark and our team?

A: The family atmosphere. What started with Dri Mark’s original owners has now been passed on to every employee. The Dri Mark office has such a positive energy and is a place we all truly want to be. I’m not the only person who enjoys a long tenure at Dri Mark. So many other employees also have decades long tenure at the company.

Q: Why should companies follow Dri Mark’s lead and become employee-owned

A: Everyone wants to be part of something, belong to something that is bigger than themselves and this feeling motivates employee productivity and loyalty.