At Dri Mark, we are constantly working to stay one step ahead of counterfeiting techniques. Products like our Flash Test help businesses quickly and accurately detect forged bills and counterfeit currency.

How prevalent is counterfeit money in your area?  Coos Bay, Oregon station KCBY reports that an influx of counterfeit currency has hit their area, especially “washed” or “bleached” bills. This is the process counterfeiters use to create a $50 bill from a $5 or a $100 from a $10.

Dri Mark has the answer for currency checker “defeating” pens: The Flash Test. The Flash Test unit reliably and — most importantly for businesses — quickly checks multiple facets of currency for signs of counterfeiting.

  • Ink Sensor – takes less than a second
  • UV test – one-handed operation with powerful UV LEDs
  • Watermark test – identifies the watermark (or lack of one!) with one hand, in one second

While counterfeiters are finding new ways to defraud businesses, Dri Mark is helping businesses stay one step ahead.

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