Tri Test Portable Counterfeit Detector


U S Patent 8,531,652 and D666,514S The first LED based counter-top counterfeit detection system, the Tri Test has been a best-seller for many years. This versatile machine uses 3 fast and easy tests to prevent counterfeit money from getting into your register.

  • Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills, which are a growing problem. These are $1s and $5s which have had the original ink removed. Counterfeiters then over-print with a higher denomination. This process is done to fool the Counterfeit Detector Pen. The UV light picks up the security stripes, which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters.
  • Toggle on the UV LEDs to illuminate the security strip located on all bills $5 and up. A convenient guide on the front of the unit show you the color and location for each denomination.
  • Toggle on the white LED to illuminate the platter. Look to the right, and see the watermark portrait appear. This should mirror the portrait in the center of the bill. (on the $5, the numeral 5 appears, not an image of Lincoln)
  • For extra protection, use the Counterfeit Detector Pen, which is located in a slot on the right side of the machine.
  • Uses 3 “C” batteries, or an AC adapter, sold separately.

UPC: 0 709998 00587 3

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