Dual Detector – Single

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U S Patents 8,406,499 and 8,545,766 Dri Mark’s unique patented Dual Detector, a super-fast, reliable way to protect your business featuring both classic Counterfeit Detector Pen test for paper, and UV test for security strips.

  • Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills, which are a growing problem. These are $1s and $5s which have had the original ink removed. Counterfeiters then over-print with a higher denomination. This process is done to fool the Counterfeit Detector Pen. The UV light picks up the security stripes, which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters.
  • Powerful UV light is embedded in the cap, and is easy to activate. The LED bulb is specifically designed to reveal hidden security stripe in all bills $5 and higher.
  • 3 LR-44 button-cell batteries are included. Enough power to check thousands of bills.
  • Instruction booklet is included in all packs. Location and color of security stripes are shown, along with other helpful information.
  • Also great for authenticating passports, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and drivers licenses.

One Dual Detector with security coil and attachable holder for affixing to the register. Comes complete with currency guide sticker and instruction booklet.

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