Flash Test Counterfeit Bill Detector


Flash Test™ Counterfeit Bill Detector, Smallest, Easiest Money Checker, Fake Currency Detection Machine, Ink, UV, and Watermark Flashtest.

Dri Mark`s newest, most compact, and most powerful counterfeit detector.
Detector smaller than a smartphone, and is made to fit right next to your register.

    • Flash Test™ Counterfeit Bill Detector has a light in which will illuminate the security strips that are in U.S. currency
    • Simple intuitive operation. Easy to train your cashiers.
    • Three lightning fast tests enable easy seamless testing at point of purchase. Your customers won`t even notice. Use one or all of the tests.
    • Super-fast new ink sensor takes less than a secondm and is your primary test.
    • UV test features automatic sensor switch for one handed operation, and powerful UV LEDs to quickly identify the security strip in all denomination $5 and up.
    • Watermark test also features automatic sensor switch. Identify the watermark portrait in a second, using one hand.
    • AC plug with 2 meter cord, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries.
    • Ruggedly constracted and battle tested for extreme reliability.


UPC: 0 70889 00741 4

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