Universal Counterfeit Detector Pen

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Dri Mark is the original patent holder and only US manufacturer of Counterfeit Detector Pens. For over 25 years, the most widely used point of purchase deterrent against loss due to counterfeit.

• Our Universal Counterfeit Detector Pens are made to exacting quality standards at our Long Island facility.  Our pens will outlast and outperform others made offshore. Precision fitted parts ensure long shelf life and no-dry-out if recapped.

• This Universal Counterfeit Detector Pen works on U.S. and major European and Asian currencies.  It is perfect for restaurants, banks, retailers, or personal use.
• Famous iconic Dri Mark packaging lets customers know that they are getting the industry standard. Still, by far, the best selling product in the category
• Simple to use. Make a small mark on US currency. A clear/amber mark indicates US currency paper. A dark mark means the bill is probably counterfeit.

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