Technology has enabled counterfeiters to continually find new ways to forge currency. How can you keep pace and utilize technology yourself to keep counterfeit bills out of your cash drawer? Are you wondering: Which counterfeit money detector is right for my business?.  Dri Mark is committed to keeping pace with techniques and technology to help you protect your business from counterfeit money.

For most retail environments where cash is common, the best option for counterfeit deterrence is a counterfeit money detector that provides a rapid way to check in three ways. Dri Mark provides a solution that checks the multi-layered security features only detectable using specific methods and technology.

Flash Test Tool

The Flash Test – Fast. Powerful. Reliable.

The Dri Mark Flash Test uses three fast, reliable tests to detect counterfeit bills: Detection of the security stripe, the watermark, and an ink sensor.

In a fast-paced retail environment, the feel of genuine US currency may not raise suspicion of a counterfeit. One of the current methods counterfeiters are using is a technique called “bleaching.” In this process, forgers take genuine currency in low denominations, bleach all the ink off of the banknote, and then print higher denomination markings over the genuine linen paper.

The Flash Test gives results in less than a second on the ink sensor, enabling your frontline staff members to make a quick, discreet decision in accepting currency. Further testing of a suspicious bill is available right on the same device with the watermark detector and the UV security stripe detector. The Flash Test’s UV light quickly highlights the security stripe on genuine US currency. Additionally, the powerful LED will quickly reveal the presence — or absence — of the watermark that should appear in all genuine bills.

Dual Detector Pen

The Dual Detector Pen – Strong. Compact. Simple.

A great alternative for a retail environment with limited space and less risk exposure would be the Dri Mark Dual Detector Pen.

In retail environments where counter space is limited, choose the Dual Detector Pen, which has a familiar counterfeit detection marker on one end and a handy UV light on the other end.  The UV light reveals up the UV security stripe on genuine bills which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters. These UV features are also visible on genuine currencies from around the world, making the Dual Detector effective in many regions of the world.

Traditional counterfeit money, produced by printing forged bills from scratch, can be detected in less than a second with the original and reliable Detector Pens. The counterfeit detection markers originated by Dri Mark and used for over 25 years, are the fast and familiar way to stop counterfeits before they make their way to your cash drawer.

UV Pro Pocket

UV Pro – Powerful. Pocket-sized.

Clubs, bars, and events who need to accept cash and verify IDs will want to consider the handy and compact UV Pro detector. The powerful UV light will highlight bright UV features present on state-issued IDs from most US states, insuring that your business is protected from fake IDs. The UV Pro utilizes that same UV light to highlight the security stripe on all US currency $5 and higher. When your team needs power right in their pocket, choose the UV Pro.

How can I be sure?

Criminals will always be working hard to find new ways to counterfeit money. At Dri Mark, we are committed to providing the best counterfeit money detectors on the market with convenient, easy-to-use, powerful products. We have over 25 years of reliability and effectiveness behind us so that we can stand behind you.

The U.S. Secret Service estimates that about 1 in every 10,000 currency notes in circulation are counterfeit, with that number surging to 1 in every 4,000 at various times.



The FlashTest™ is Dri Mark’s newest, most compact, and most powerful counterfeit detector. Powerful new technology, designed for use right at the register

  • At 4 ¾ long, 2 ¾ wide and less than ¾” high, the FlashTest will fit just about anywhere
  • Simple intuitive operation. Easy to train your cashiers.
  • Three lightning fast tests enable easy seamless testing at point of purchase. Your customers won’t even notice. Use one or all of the tests.
  • Super-fast new ink sensor takes less than a second, and is your primary test
  • UV test features automatic sensor switch for one handed operation, and powerful UV LEDs to quickly identify the security strip in all denominations $5 and up.
  • Watermark test also features automatic sensor switch. Identify the watermark portrait in a second, using one hand.
  • AC plug in so you never need to worry about replacing batteries.
  • Ruggedly constructed and battle tested for extreme reliability.

Detector Pens

Dri Mark is the original patent holder and only US manufacturer of Counterfeit Detector Pens. For over 25 years, the most widely used point of purchase deterrent against loss due to counterfeit.

  • Made to exacting quality standards at our Long Island facility, our pens will outlast and outperform others made offshore. Precision fitted parts ensure long shelf life and no-dry-out if recapped.
  • Famous iconic Dri Mark packaging lets customers know that they are getting the industry standard. Still, by far, the best selling product in the category
  • Simple to use. Make a small mark on US currency. A clear/amber mark indicates US currency paper. A dark mark means the bill is probably counterfeit.

Dual Detector

U S Patents 8,406,499 and 8,545,766 Dri Mark’s unique patented Dual Detector, a super-fast, reliable way to protect your business featuring both classic Counterfeit Detector Pen test for paper, and UV test for security strips.

  • Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills, which are a growing problem. These are $1s and $5s which have had the original ink removed. Counterfeiters then over-print with a higher denomination. This process is done to fool the Counterfeit Detector Pen. The UV light picks up the security stripes, which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters.
  • Powerful UV light is embedded in the cap, and is easy to activate. The LED bulb is specifically designed to reveal hidden security stripe in all bills $5 and higher.
  • 3 LR-44 button-cell batteries are included. Enough power to check thousands of bills.
  • Instruction booklet is included in all packs. Location and color of security stripes are shown, along with other helpful information.
  • Also great for authenticating passports, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and drivers licenses.

Tri Test Detector

U S Patent 8,531,652 and D666,514S The first LED based counter-top counterfeit detection system, the Tri Test has been a best-seller for many years. This versatile machine uses 3 fast and easy tests to prevent counterfeit money from getting into your register.

  • Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills, which are a growing problem. These are $1s and $5s which have had the original ink removed. Counterfeiters then over-print with a higher denomination. This process is done to fool the Counterfeit Detector Pen. The UV light picks up the security stripes, which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters.
  • Toggle on the UV LEDs to illuminate the security strip located on all bills $5 and up. A convenient guide on the front of the unit show you the color and location for each denomination.
  • Toggle on the white LED to illuminate the platter. Look to the right, and see the watermark portrait appear. This should mirror the portrait in the center of the bill. (on the $5, the numeral 5 appears, not an image of Lincoln)
  • For extra protection, use the Counterfeit Detector Pen, which is located in a slot on the right side of the machine.
  • Uses 3 “C” batteries, or an AC adapter, sold separately.

UV Pro Detector

The UV Pro Detector is a professional quality, compact ultraviolet flashlight for authentication of documents and detection of counterfeit currency

  • LED based technology for maximum reliability.
  • Utilizes proprietary, high quality optimal short wave UV LEDs for effective visibility of UV features
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries. 100+ hours on a fresh set
  • Detects UV features on drivers licenses, passports, credit cards, travelers checks and most paper currencies, including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Dollar
  • Perfect for restaurants and bars to prevent the passing of false identification for the purpose of enforcing the legal age for consumption of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Perfect for use by security personnel in government agencies and transportation hubs….whenever its critical to authenticate ID
  • Sturdy aluminum construction, heavy duty switch and electrical connections for years of trouble-free use.