Covid-19: To Our Valued Customers, Vendors and Trusted Partners


Counterfeit Detection / Security Products

Dri Mark is the original patent holder and only domestic manufacturer of counterfeit detector pens. For over 25 years, the Dri Mark Counterfeit Detector Pen has been the best-selling, and most success­ful counterfeit detection product in the industry. More recently, Dri Mark has pioneered the use of LED technology for counterfeit detection. Have a look at our patented Dual Detector, Tri Test, and New UV Pro.

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Custom Marker Products

Sure, Dri Mark can make just about any standard marker product; from dry or damp erase, to high­lighting, coloring, and per­manent markers. But our capabilities are much greater than that. There are hundreds of other applica­tions for marker technolo­gy, and we love to experi­ment with new ideas. We make cosmetics, surgical markers, tattoo markers, and much more. We would love to hear about your project. What are your needs? We are here to help.

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