Welcome to Dri Mark!

In 1958, Dri Mark Products, Inc. opened its doors in Long Island, New York. At that time, instant dry permanent markers were all the rage, and we became the first USA importer of a new cutting-edge marker technology originating in Japan. In 1973 Dri Mark purchased the Japanese manufacturer and began making markers in the USA. Ultimately this paved the way for in-house molding, manufacturing, assembly, imprinting, and production of specialty inks that we are renowned for today.

In 1991, Dri Mark patented the first Counterfeit Detector Pen, which began a new chapter in the history of the company. This product quickly became the most popular counterfeit detection product in history, and was the first of many innovative detection and security products which Dri Mark has brought to market. Today, Dri Mark is the leader in point-of-purchase counterfeit detectors.