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Our History

Our History

Company History

In 1958, Dri Mark Products opened its doors in Mount Vernon, New York. At that time, permanent markers were all the rage and Dri Mark was quick to bring a variety of these products to market. Around the same time, an instant-dry marker was invented in Japan, which allowed warehouse workers to mark boxes with no dry time. Dri Mark became the first company to sell this innovative product in the U.S., giving our company its name.

Then, in the early 1970s Louis Reichmann purchased Dri Mark and began manufacturing instant-dry markers in the United States as well as numerous other designs such as Buffalo Artist Markers, highlighters and the Mr. Doodler. This tradition of domestic manufacturing is still carried on today, and has expanded to include in-house molding, assembly, imprinting and the production of specialty inks that we are world renowned for.

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In 1991, Dri Mark purchased the patent for the first Counterfeit Detector Pen, which began a new chapter in the history of the company. This product quickly became the most popular counterfeit detection product in history and was the first of many patented innovative detection and security products which Dri Mark has brought to market. Today, Dri Mark is the leader in point-of-purchase counterfeit detectors and holds many patents for counterfeit detection devices as well as markers. Dri Mark also still continues our history of marker manufacturing by offering a custom marker service.

Dri Mark is an American Manufacturer

Since the early 1970s Dri Mark has been producing American made goods on Long Island, NY. With almost fifty years of experience manufacturing in the U.S., Dri Mark holds the quality of their products as well as the treatment of their employees to the highest standards. From NY based customer service to in-house molding, imprinting and assembly you can feel good about trusting Dri Mark for all your marker needs.

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