Custom Markers & Specialty Inks

Custom Markers & Specialty Inks

Put together your own marker with an interchangeable combination of barrels, caps and tips to create a completely custom design. Then choose from a variety of specialty inks or add your own ink to our components for a completely custom result.

Choose any of the below inks or solutions to fill your marker:

  • Nail Corrector Fluid
  • Nail Conditioner Fluid
  • Skin Tattoo Ink
  • Balloon Marking Ink
  • Print Head Cleaning Solution
  • Laundry Stain Remover

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Dri Mark is an American Manufacturer

Since the early 1970s Dri Mark has been producing American made goods on Long Island, NY. With almost fifty years of experience manufacturing in the U.S., Dri Mark holds the quality of their products as well as the treatment of their employees to the highest standards. From NY based customer service to in-house molding, imprinting and assembly you can feel good about trusting a company that puts their customer’s needs above their own.