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How to Choose the Correct Detector Device

Choosing the Correct Detector Device for You & your Business

Technology has enabled counterfeiters to continually find new ways to forge cash, IDs and documents. Anyone with an inkjet printer can easily replicate these important documents from the comfort of their own homes. At Dri Mark, we are committed to providing the best counterfeit money detectors on the market with convenient, easy-to-use, powerful products. We have over 25 years of proven reliability and effectiveness behind us so that we can stand behind you.

The U.S. Secret Service estimates that about 1 in every 10,000 currency notes in circulation are counterfeit, with that number surging to 1 in every 4,000 at various times.

This leaves the average person to wonder, how best to keep pace and utilize technology to safeguard their registers against fraud? Are you wondering, what is the best counterfeit detector for my needs? Dri Mark is committed to keeping pace with techniques and technology to help you protect your business from counterfeit money. Read more on the three levels of detection below.

Level 1: The Classic Counterfeit Detector Pen

The Counterfeit Detector Pen is a chemical test for authentic US currency paper. Common counterfeit bills are often printed on copy or typing paper which will react with the fluid in the Detector Pen. Real bills are printed on genuine currency paper, a unique combination of cotton and linen which does not react with the pen. The pen is a great baseline for detection, but can be fooled by bleached bills.

Accepting currency outside of the United States? Explore the International Formula Detector Pen.

Level 2: UV Detection Products

UV detection products increase your level of protection against counterfeit cash, and also enable you to authenticate documents and IDs. Genuine United States bills $5 and up have a hidden security strip that can be exposed by a UV light. The UV strip test works well on bleached bills. UV detection products also can reveal hidden security features in government issued IDs such as licenses or passports.

In retail environments where counter space is limited, choose the Dual Detector Pen, which has a familiar counterfeit detection pen on one end and a handy UV light in the cap. Choose the UV Pro for a professional quality compact ultraviolet flashlight that can be used to authenticate documents and counterfeit currency.

Level 3: Multi-Function Detection Devices

Give yourself the ultimate level of protection with these detection devices. Test currency paper, ink, security strips and watermarks to be certain that you’re accepting genuine bills. Detection devices are extremely effective, discrete and can be used for multiple years. U.S. currency and government issued IDs can also be tested with these devices.

The Tri Test Detector utilizes three simple tests to authenticate US money, takes just seconds, and provides a high degree of protection against counterfeit including bleached bills. The Flash Test is smaller than a smartphone, faster than a scanner, over 99% accurate, and completely maintenance free. Use the lightening fast ink sensor to check for counterfeit in ½ a second. UV and watermark tests are included in the unit for an extra layer of protection. Bring the Flash Test on the go with its’ very own battery pack.

Dri Mark’s Scanner offers five different tests in one device that work together to verify genuine US currency. In less than one second Dri Mark’s Scanner checks the bill’s security strip, magnetic ink, infrared features, color, and size, producing consistently accurate results. The Scanner can also be used as a bill counter, easily keeping count of the total amount of currency that has been checked. This feature can be reset at any time with the click of a button.

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