Counterfeit Detector Machine

Item #MG03

Prevent loss with this fast and accurate counterfeit detector machine. Dri Mark’s Scanner offers five different tests in one device that work together to verify genuine US currency. In less than one second Dri Mark’s Scanner checks the bill’s security strip, magnetic ink, infrared features, color, and size, producing consistently accurate results.

Dri Mark’s Scanner fits easily by the register and does not take up your valuable counter space. It runs on standard AC power for continuous, uninterrupted use. Or power the Scanner with four “AA” batteries, perfect for use at pop up stores, flea markets, remote booths, and garage sales.

The Scanner can also be used as a bill counter, easily keeping count of the total amount of currency that has been checked. This feature can be reset at any time with the click of a button.

Dri Mark Scanner

  • At 4.5 ” W x 5.5″ L x 3.5″ the Scanner will fit just about anywhere
  • Large clear LCD display indicates suspected fake bills with audible alarm
  • Device includes an ac adapter but also runs on 4 optional AA batteries
  •  Can set scanner to exit bills to the front or back of the counterfeit detection machine

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Dri Mark is an American Manufacturer

Since the early 1970s Dri Mark has been producing American made goods on Long Island, NY. With almost fifty years of experience manufacturing in the U.S., Dri Mark holds the quality of their products as well as the treatment of their employees to the highest standards. From NY based customer service to in-house molding, imprinting and assembly you can feel good about trusting a company that puts their customer’s needs above their own.