UV Pro

UV Pro


Professional quality compact ultraviolet flashlight counterfeit detector for authentication of documents and detection of counterfeit currency.

We utilize LED based technology for maximum reliability with proprietary, high quality optimal short wave UV LEDs for effective visibility of UV features. The UV Pro counterfeit detector uses 3 AAA batteries for over 100 hours use on a fresh set. The UV Pro counterfeit detector detects UV features on drivers licenses, passports, credit cards, travelers checks and most paper currencies, including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Dollar. It’s perfect for restaurants and bars to prevent the passing of false identification for the purpose of enforcing the legal age for consumption of alcohol and tobacco. It is also perfect for use by security personnel in government agencies and transportation hubs, whenever it’s critical to authenticate ID’s. The UV Pro features sturdy aluminum construction, a heavy duty switch and electrical connections for years of trouble-free use.

  • TRUST THE INDUSTRY LEADER: With 25+ Years of counterfeit & fraud detection experience Dri Mark designed their unique UV Pro counterfeit detector flashlight as an instant & reliable way to check for counterfeit currency & fraudulent secure documents. UV Pro is Dri Mark’s most powerful UV device. Utilizing 6 proprietary, high quality optimal short wave UV LEDs making it the most advanced ultraviolet light available for effective visibility of UV features. 
  • PROTECT YOUR PROFITS: Catch a counterfeit & it pays for itself, Perfect for detecting U.S. “bleached” bills. These are $1 & $5 bills that have had the ink removed & over-printed with a higher denomination. Reveals the hidden security stripe which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters in U.S. currency. Detects UV features in most paper currencies, E.g. the Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan & Hong Kong Dollar. If used properly, the UV Pro Plus counterfeit detector is nearly 100% effective.
  • FRAUD DETECTION: UV Light is great for authenticating passports, credit cards, traveler’s checks, drivers licenses & other official documents. Designed for Small to Large businesses, our instant verification system is perfect for catching counterfeit items in any fast paced retail environment. Catch the fraud without slowing the line. Perfect for restaurants & bars to security personnel, government agencies & transportation hubs whenever its critical to authenticate ID.
  • STRONG, COMPACT, SIMPLE: The compact size of the UV Pro ultraviolet flashlight counterfeit detector makes it an ideal tool in high-volume venues that may lack the counter space required for other detection equipment. The UV Pro counterfeit detector can easily fit into a cash register, an apron, pocket or on a lanyard. Quickly train staff to use the UV Pro flashlight, simply click the back to activate. Designed to also check for Pet stains, Cleanliness at home, in hotels and public spaces. Excellent for damage or leak detection.
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Dri Mark’s 90 day Limited Warranty from the date of purchase, the UV Pro counterfeit detector will be replaced, or the purchase price Refunded, if defective in manufacture. Except for such replacement or refund this is without other expressed or implied warranty or liability, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

UV Pro

  • Single UV Pro counterfeit detector

UV Pro with Coil

  • Single UV Pro counterfeit detector with coil and holder

UV Pro Plus

  • Single UV Pro counterfeit detector
  • 3 x AAA batteries

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Dri Mark is an American Manufacturer

Since the early 1970s Dri Mark has been producing American made goods on Long Island, NY. With almost fifty years of experience manufacturing in the U.S., Dri Mark holds the quality of their products as well as the treatment of their employees to the highest standards. From NY based customer service to in-house molding, imprinting and assembly you can feel good about trusting a company that puts their customer’s needs above their own.