What should I do if I get a counterfeit or suspected counterfeit bill?

After you’ve tested a bill and you feel it may be counterfeit, we advise tendering the bill back to the customer and asking for another bill, or another form of payment. For a large transaction where you are convinced that bills are counterfeit, you should consider contacting the local field office of the Secret Service.

How does the Counterfeit Detector Pen work?

The pen is a chemical test for genuine currency paper. Real money is actually not printed on paper, but rather on special stock which is made of linen and cotton. The pen contains special chemicals which react with products which are used in the process of making regular paper. When the pen is used on regular copy paper, for example, there is a chemical reaction which turns the ink dark. On real currency, no reaction occurs, and the ink remains light yellow.

How long does a Counterfeit Detector Pen last?

It depends upon how often the pen is used, how it is stored, and if the pen is re-capped after each use. If stored at room temp under normal use, the pen will write between 500-600 linear feet, which is enough fluid to mark 25,000 bills. The shelf life of our pen (un-used) is guaranteed for a year, but will typically last 2 years or more.

What is a “bleached” bill?

A “bleached” bill is a genuine $1.00 or $5.00 which has had the ink stripped off with solvent. The counterfeiter then overprints the low denomination bill with a higher denomination, such as a $50 or $100. This is usually done to defeat the Counterfeit Detector Pen, because the bill is printed on real currency paper so the mark won’t turn dark. If you suspect you have a bleached bill, use a UV light product such as the Dual Detector or Tri Test to check for the glowing security strip.

Where can I purchase Dri Mark’s counterfeit detection and security products?

Most office superstores sell an assortment of Dri Mark products. Major on-line retailers sell them as well. Feel free to contact us directly for purchase options.

What happens if I accept and deposit a counterfeit bill?

If you accept a bad bill, unfortunately the bank will deduct the amount from your deposit, and tender the bill over to the Secret Service. You have no recourse, except against the person that tendered the counterfeit bill to your business. That’s why it’s important to screen for counterfeits at the point of purchase. If you accept a counterfeit bill, DO NOT TRY TO PASS IT ALONG AS GENUINE. This is a very serious crime which could result in severe legal penalties, including imprisonment.

How do I locate the security strips in a bill?

All Dri Mark products which feature UV lights have instructions on how to locate the strips. Also please click here to see the locations and colors of the security strips.

Can’t I just hold a bill up to the light to see the security strip and the watermark?

Holding a bill up to the light can help, but to really see the security strip in its proper color and location, it’s necessary to illuminate the bill with UV light. The strip may be visible when you hold the bill to regular light, but the strip can be printed onto a bill by counterfeiters. The watermark can be seen when you hold the bill up to light, but to get the proper clarity and definition, it’s better to use an under lit platter, such as found on the Tri Test and FlashTest.

How long does the counterfeit detector pen mark last on genuine US paper currency?

Should fade in 12-24 hours depending on conditions


What are the minimum order quantities?

Minimums start at 3,000 markers per color.

What information is needed for a quote?

Please indicate quantities, colors, type of ink and with or without an imprint. Also provide type of business and how markers will be used.

Where should artwork be sent?

Send camera ready artwork to:
Include company name, purchase order #, item number and imprint color (as applicable)

What form of camera ready art is acceptable?

High res vector art saved as .eps file (encapsulated postscript file) with 1200 dpi resolution preferred, jpg and pdf acceptable. One color imprints only.

Send Purchase Orders:

Email to:
Purchase orders must include: customer name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, name of product and item number, quantity, unit price, item color(s), imprint color(s), ship to address, shipping method, ship date and in hand date.

What is lead time?

Normal turn-around is 3-5 business days from receipt of order. If order includes imprint, is high volume or rush order contact Customer Service for detailed production time.

What is required for New Customer Set up?

-Copy of Resale Certificate must be provided for new customer set up.
-All first time order should be prepaid with a major US credit card or check.
– Terms can be set up for future orders pending completion and approval of credit application.
Contact our credit department for questions,

What are payment terms?

Net 30 days for established customers in good standing.

What is the shelf life of markers?

Approximately one year based on proper placement of cap after each use.

Where can I purchase Dri Mark Products?

–Security Products can be found at most Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Amazon stores and online.
–Bulk direct from factory, contact us for quotes