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Dri Mark’s Tri Test Counterfeit Detector is New & Improved


Dri Mark’s Tri Test Counterfeit Detector is New & Improved

September 11, 2023

Dri Mark’s Tri Test Counterfeit Detector is New & Improved

In the early nineties Dri Mark became well known for being the original patent holder of the iconic Counterfeit Detector Pen. The Counterfeit Detector Pen remains to this day a staple in the world of loss prevention, but as we all know the world has changed monumentally in the last thirty years particularly when it comes to counterfeit cash.

While the Counterfeit Detector Pen continues to be present at countless cash registers across the country, Dri Mark is no one hit wonder. Since the release of the Counterfeit Detector Pen, Dri Mark has developed and brought to market multiple innovative counterfeit detection solutions that have kept up with counterfeiting trends.

With three unique tests, the patented Tri Test Counterfeit Detector was developed and sold by Dri Mark as the first ultra-portable, fully functioning counter-top counterfeit detection device based on LED technology. The device uses UV light to reveal the security thread of legitimate cash, a backlight which reveals the watermark portrait, and includes the classic Counterfeit Detector Pen which authenticates genuine currency paper. Because the Tri Test it is such a comprehensive detection solution, the device became and still is one of our best-selling detection solutions. And with thousands of units sold it’s safe to say that the Tri Test is a staple at many registers.

Although the Tri Test is one of the most all-encompassing and best-selling detection solutions on the market, Dri Mark was not satisfied until every customer complaint with the device was satisfied. On the original version of the Tri Test, the UV light and backlight were activated by a switch on the side of the device. Once activated, both lights would stay on continuously, causing the LED bulbs to burn out on occasion. Our new and improved TV2 (Tri Test Version 2) contains an automatic sensor, so once the switch is on, bills placed on the device will activate the Led technology and give you a seamless experience, and shut off upon removing the bill. This one small update makes the Tri Test incredibly intuitive and most importantly NO more burned-out bulbs!

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