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Get to Know Dri Mark’s Custom Markers and Specialty Ink Varieties


Get to Know Dri Mark’s Custom Markers and Specialty Ink Varieties

September 22, 2023

Get to Know Dri Mark’s Custom Markers and Specialty Ink Varieties

Dri Mark is best known for being the original patent holder of the iconic Counterfeit Detector Pen. But what people usually don’t know is that Dri Mark is so much more than just a source for counterfeit detection solutions. Since the early 1970’s, Dri Mark has been manufacturing custom markers with specialty inks right here in the United States. The Dri Mark factory is located in Bethpage, NY employing numerous union American workers with an average length of employment of over 20-years.

Dri Mark is a silent partner to numerous well-known companies, producing millions of custom markers with their logos and their brands in mind. You’ve probably written with a Dri Mark custom marker with one of our specialty inks at least once in your life without even knowing it! But what really sets Dri Mark custom markers and specialty inks apart from our competitors is our adaptability. Along with industry classics like permanent ink and dry erase ink, Dri Mark custom markers can also be filled with an endless variety specialty inks or liquids. From cosmetic fluids to edible ink, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s break down some of Dri Mark’s most iconic and well-loved custom markers and specialty inks and learn why Dri Mark really is the industry standard for custom marker manufacturing!


Dri Mark’s surgical custom markers feature a gentian violet specialty ink that is used during surgeries, tattooing or ear piercing. Permanent medical ink is used to mark medical equipment or sample jars. Markers are thoroughly tested on skin to ensure safety. Made to the highest quality, surgical and medical grade specialty inks meet vigorous quality standards.


Dri Mark’s smooth fluorescent highlighter specialty ink is non-toxic, Xylene free, safe for children & adults and low odor. Dri Mark’s highlighter ink will not bleed and will lay down a bright see-through transparent color for books and documents.

Dry & Damp Erase

Dri Mark’s dry and damp erase specialty inks are non-toxic, Xylene free and low odor. Perfect for use on laminate or porcelain whiteboards, glass, and many smooth surfaces. Great around the office! Keep your calendar up to date & visible with bold colors. Mark & re-mark containers in a flash! Perfect for the classroom & in-class response boards, presentations, calendars, assignment posting and just about any classroom communication need. Damp erase ink comes off easily with a wet paper towel and dry erase with a cloth, tissue, or eraser.


Dri Mark’s permanent specialty ink is non-toxic, Xylene free and low odor. Great around the office or home. Use our custom markers to mark file folders, personal items, clothing, storage boxes and containers. Our permanent custom markers are great around the kitchen for marking freezer containers, glass jars, or anything that needs identification.


Dri Mark’s chalk specialty ink is non-toxic, Xylene Free odor free and Dustless. Especially bright and colorful on light-boards. Our chalk custom markers are perfect for creating your menu board, activity chart, sign, or art project. Comes Off Easily- Use a wet paper towel to erase from just about any non-porous surface.


Dri Mark’s metallic specialty inks are non-toxic, Xylene free and low odor. What’s special about Dri Mark’s custom markers with metallic specialty inks is that they can be formatted for permanent, dry, or damp erase ink and is the perfect additional element to make your marks pop.

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