The holiday shopping season seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year.  And whether you are shopping for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, or for birthday gifts, anniversary presents or a great bargain just for yourself, the counterfeiters have been working overtime and will be out in full force!

They will be paying with phony bills, swiping fake credit cards, passing fake ID’s and more.  They top the Naughty list and exit stores almost before you have a chance to “check (the transaction) twice.”

Why not ramp up your loss prevention holiday plan now and place Dri Mark’s NEW Flash Test™ Counterfeit Detector at every point-of-purchase!  It’s quick, easy and a must to offset loss before it hits your cash drawer.

Super-fast  3-way test to detect counterfeit money!
Ink Test
Watermark Test
UV Test

Protect your business today!
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