Early in 2018, business owners in 11 states were experiencing an inundation of counterfeit currency, particularly $20 bills, but even in denominations as low as $5 and $1. The U.S. Department of Treasury estimates that 1 in every 10,000 bills in circulation at any time are counterfeit. (original report here)

In a quote for the Guardian, Don Brewer, the former head of the Secret Service’s anti-counterfeiting division, said banks rely on counting machines that can immediately separate fake bills from authentic ones by analyzing the concentration of ink printed on the front of legitimate currency. (article here )

Business owners can now put that kind of power right on their countertop at the point of purchase. The DriMark FlashTest uses ink detection technology in addition to two further tests all packed into a powerful countertop device not much larger than a cell phone!

The FlashTest Counterfeit Detector can be used by businesses large and small as a frontline defense against forged currency entering their cash flow. The ink sensor test takes less than a second! Perfect for convenience stores, bars & restaurants, entertainment venues, and even big box retailers, the FlashTest requires almost no training to use and its tests are practically unnoticeable to customers.

To see the FlashTest in action, watch the video here  or below. The FlashTest and other counterfeit detection products are available for bulk purchase. Contact us here for more information.