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Detecting a Counterfeit $100


Detecting a Counterfeit $100

November 16, 2017

The New Hundred — Five years later

In 2013, the United States Federal Reserve issued a new, security-feature-laden $100 bill. Now five years later, can your team members detect a counterfeit bill if they are handed one?

This video from the US Currency Education Program is interesting, but in a busy, time-is-money environment, does your team have the time or know-how to look for these fancy security features like microprinting, color-shifting ink, and watermarks?

Dri Mark has you and your business covered. As the leaders in counterfeit detection products, we have created an all-in-one detection device that can help protect your business in less than a second!

The FlashTest unit reliably and — most importantly for businesses — quickly checks multiple facets of currency for signs of counterfeiting.

  • Ink Sensor – takes less than a second to check the ink on any denomination $5 and up for signs of counterfeiting
  • UV test – one-handed operation with powerful UV LEDs to look for a potentially counterfeit bill’s security strip
  • Watermark test – if a bill is suspected of being forged currency, the FlashTest identifies the watermark (or lack of one!) with one hand, in one second

For additional information on the new currency and how you can protect yourself from
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