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Dri Mark Exhibiting at NFSSC Conference & Expo


Dri Mark Exhibiting at NFSSC Conference & Expo

November 16, 2017

Dri Mark Exhibiting at 34th NFSSC Conference and Expo

To Showcase Collection of Counterfeit Detection
And Money Handling Systems
Port Washington, NY, July 15, 2013 – Dri Mark Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer of Counterfeit Security Systems
and OEM/Private Label products, will exhibit at the 34th Annual NFSSC Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV,
August 4 –7, 2013. Held at the M Resort Spa and Casino, this will be the first time Dri Mark will be exhibiting
at the National Food Service Security Council event. Dri Mark will preview the new Safescan counterfeit
detectors and money handling systems along with the patented Dual Test and Tri-Test Counterfeit Detection
Systems in booth #415.

Dri Mark’s patent #8,406,499 Dual Test detects counterfeit currency with two quick tests in one convenient
• The classic paper test using Dri Mark’s Original Counterfeit Detector Pen to detect genuine US paper
• The Ultraviolet (UV) light test to reveal the correct color and position of the embedded security thread
on all US $5 through $100 bills printed after 1996
The USD66,514S and patent pending Tri-Test counterfeit detector combines three effective tests in one
portable, countertop unit:
• The classic paper test using Dri Mark’s Original Counterfeit Detector Pen
• The Ultraviolet (UV) light to detect the embedded security thread
• The White fluorescent backlight to reveal watermarks

Safescan, from Dri Mark, provides loss prevention for USD and a variety of international currencies. Dri Mark
will market and sell Safescan counterfeit detectors and cash handling products in North America.

Since 2004, Safescan has delivered proven money handling solutions to small to medium-sized businesses
throughout Europe in response to the increase in counterfeit currency that followed the introduction of the
Euro. Safescan’s products include counterfeit detectors, money counters and POS solutions that feature
multi-point authentication, innovative weighing technology and precise value counting. Designed to
effectively analyze and verify critical currency features such as UV, metal threads, infrared & magnetic
features, and currency size & thickness, Safescan’s 100% compliancy with the standards for the USA, European
Central Bank, and the Bank of England make it the most trusted brand for accurate and reliable currency

About Dri Mark Products, Inc.: Since 1957, Dri Mark has been a leading manufacturer of pens, highlighters, markers, and patented
security products. Headquartered in Port Washington, NY, Dri Mark ’s Security/Retail division supplies unique loss protection
security systems to mass-market retailers who are serviced through wholesale distributors. In addition, the OEM division
manufactures products for school/education, craft, medical, cosmetic and related consumer goods companies. Promotional
Products are available though our strategic alliance with Beacon Promotions, Inc. For more information on Dri Mark, visit For details email Follow us on Twitter

About Safescan: Established in 2004 in the Netherlands, Safescan develops and produces specialized equipment to help
organizations with loss protection and cash handling. Known for reliable and affordable cash monitoring solutions optimized for the
world’s leading currencies, their presence is highly visible in the retail trade, financial, hotel, catering, amusement and cashprocessing
industries. For more information on Safescan, visit