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Dri Mark is Excited to Welcome Back Taffey Boyd!


Dri Mark is Excited to Welcome Back Taffey Boyd!

November 3, 2021

Dri Mark is Excited to Welcome Back Taffey Boyd!

The last couple of years have been hard. The pandemic has caused our entire world to change overnight and make cancelled plans, closed businesses, and over flooded hospitals the new normal. These new harsh realities can sometimes become mundane, but what will never become common place is losing a person that you care about.

Almost two years ago as the Dri Mark team began to settle into the idea of working from home, a new challenge arose that no one was prepared to face. Our beloved team member Taffey was diagnosed with Covid-19 and began what turned out to be the fight of her life. Now, as 2021 comes to a close we are overjoyed to announce that Taffey will be rejoining the Dri Mark team. Effective immediately, Taffey will serve as Dri Mark’s Business Development Manager and be working closely with our company President Cathy Williams-Owen on new and exciting projects.

We sat down with Taffey and had a conversation about Dri Mark’s journey and what she’s looking forward to in the upcoming year!

Michelle: How long have you been with Dri Mark? 

Taffey: Eighteen years since October 2003.

Michelle: The past year and a half has brought about so much change in how companies operate. How has Dri Mark changed over the years and how do you think that helped us to handle the pandemic? 

Taffey: The company has changed as the world has changed; technology is the leading force in business today. We are now on all social media platforms, have partnered with Amazon to sell our products and have expanded our Marketing team with top notch professionals to keep us abreast of all things new and exciting. During the pandemic we incorporated remote working which enabled continued product supply as well as availability for customer contact. One thing that has not changed is our family team like environment. It is this environment that drives me, and I dare say the rest of the team to do our very best in keeping the Dri Mark train rolling—full steam ahead.

Michelle: What do you think is the future of Dri Mark? 

Taffey: More and Better. More of the same great service and products. Better operating systems in every capacity of our business. From the warehouse to the front office, we continue to strive for our very best. This includes new products, reinvention of current items and expansion of our customer base. We have been in business over 50 years, and I see another prosperous 50 ahead.

Michelle: Now that you will be returning to work, what are you most excited about? 

Taffey: I’m excited to be BACK on the team. I’m looking forward to engaging with our customer base, meeting new prospects, and growing our business.

Michelle: What are you most excited about in 2022 as a whole?

Taffey: The world is different now, never to be the same but I’m optimistic it will be better, brighter, and full of new opportunities and creations. The past few years have taught us a lot, made us more creative and has shown our strength in unforeseen and most difficult times. I expect we will take this newfound creativity, knowledge, and muscle into the new year to be better than ever before. An evolution!!!!