A Wisconsin teen raising funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital was given a $100 bill and asked for $60 in change. It was only later that it was discovered that the $100 was counterfeit. You can read the whole story here.

While convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants are becoming accustomed to checking for forged currency, the general public holding a fundraiser or garage sale may not be watching for the signs that they are being presented with a fake bill.

Drimark Original Detector PenAt DriMark, our convenient counterfeit detection products can confirm the genuineness of a bill in about 3 seconds. Our trusted detection pens can quickly confirm that the paper of the currency is genuine. But consumers will also find our other counterfeit detection products easy to use.

For larger fundraisers, estate sales, or events, organizers can consider the Flash Test, which performs three lightning-fast tests on currency, protecting the organization as well as keeping lines moving.

For selling environments that don’t have access to electrical power or counter space is limited, the Dual Detector Pen performs the well-known marker test as well as exposes the presence (or absence) of the UV strip on genuine currency.

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