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Game Night with Dri Mark


Game Night with Dri Mark

August 31, 2022

Game Night with Dri Mark

In a world full of technology sometimes it can be nice to go back to basics and just connect with the people you love. Turn off your cellphones, laptops, tablets, and TVs and have yourself a good old fashioned family game night. You don’t even need to buy anything fancy, just a marker and paper will do. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite games that you can play with only a marker and paper, that will definitely get you inspired to turn off your screens and play.

The Classics

I don’t know a person alive who didn’t play tic-tac-toe or hangman on a restaurant’s table paper while they waited for their food. As a kid, it was the only thing that could make waiting for my chicken tenders and fries bearable. So next time you head to your favorite restaurant with your family make sure to throw a permanent marker in your bag so that you can play. (Tip: If you don’t have paper a paper napkin works perfect)

The Best Group Games

My biggest pet peeve is trying to have a conversation with a person while they’re scrolling their phone. Social media and the internet will always be there, your loved ones may not be. With this in mind, next time you’re having a group dinner or hang out session with the important people in your life try one of these ideas.

Forehead Detective: The rules are simple, using a permanent marker each person playing writes down a famous person (alive or dead) on a sticky note. Then each participant turns to the person to their right and places that note on their forehead (make sure that they don’t see). Take turns asking yes or no questions to the group about the person on your forehead until everyone in the group has figured out who they’ve been assigned.

Pictionary: For this game all you need are a large pad of paper or a dry erase board and some markers. The rules for this game are simple as well. Divide the players into two groups, one person from each group will go up and draw a picture of a random word and the people in their team have to guess. The drawer cannot use any written words or speak at all, just pictures. The guessing is timed to 1-minute and if the drawer’s team guesses correctly, they get a point. A Pictionary word generator is a great way to keep it fair and keep it simple. Check out a free word generator HERE.

The Old School Staples

As a child of the 90’s there are a few memories from my time at school that really stick out in my memory. In a time before cell phones, we had to find a way to entertain ourselves on the playground or on the bus home from school and there are two staples that were always my go-to.

Paper Fortune Tellers: Got yourself a major life quandary? A serious crush? Not sure if you’re going to pass your algebra final? Then this little paper decision maker is your answer. The paper fortune teller is super simple to create and the only supplies you need are a square piece of paper and some markers. You can read directions on how to fold and fill out your fortune teller HERE.

MASH: Now MASH is more than just a game, it’s a tool that can predict your entire future. One simple game can tell you where you’ll live, what kind of car that you’ll drive, how many kids you’ll have, what you’ll do for work and who you’ll marry. Again, all you need for this game is a piece of paper and a marker, but the rules are a bit more complicated. Essentially, two people create numbered categories and take turns figuring out their future. Check out the rules and how to set up your board HERE.

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