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How to Set up a Point-of-Sale System for your Small Business


How to Set up a Point-of-Sale System for your Small Business

April 1, 2022

How to Set up a Point-of-Sale System for your Small Business

Step One: Pick the Perfect System

Arguably the most important part of setting your registers up is choosing a processing system. There are so many options to choose from, here are some of the highlights.

Chart outlining the key points of different POS systems

Step Two: Order Equipment

You’ll Find that most processing systems offer their own branded equipment that will allow you to set your registers up seamlessly. But if you’re looking to start on a budget or if you just need one or two pieces take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Image of a cash drawer for a POS system

This heavy-duty cash draw can be opened with a simple push, is heavy duty and comes with a lock and key. Shop HERE

Image showing tablet holder for POS system

We love this tablet stand that rests comfortable on top of your register or counter. The stand spins and flips to easily capture email addresses or receipt signatures. Shop HERE

Image of a barcode scanner for a POS system

An easy way to scan barcoded items is this Bluetooth barcode scanner. It’s completely wire free, holds a charge for fifteen days and lightweight. Make sure to check if it is compatible with your chosen POS system. Shop HERE 

Step Three: Protect Your Register

Image of an open cash register with Dri Mark counterfeit detection products

Now that you’ve gone through all the work of choosing the perfect POS system and setting up your register it’s time to consider how to protect your profits. Dri Mark Products manufactures counterfeit detection products that protect you from accepting fake cash and ID’s. Read more about which detector is best for you HERE