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Paris, TX police department recommends Dri Mark


Paris, TX police department recommends Dri Mark

July 16, 2019

Paris, TX police department recommends Dri Mark

Police in Paris, TX have recommended using Dri Mark counterfeit detection marker products to reduce the chances of accepting the counterfeit $100 bills that have recently been passed in local businesses. Read the full story here:

Dri Mark is the originator of the counterfeit detection pens that have been the standard in loss prevention for decades. But businesses can further protect themselves with other proven Dri Mark products.

The Flash Test features three lightning-fast tests for genuine currency in mere seconds. Compact and powerful, about the size of a mobile phone, the Flash Test is the robust first line of defense for convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants where cash transactions are common.

In selling environments without counter space or that are dark, vendors can count on the Dual Detector Pen for fast, accurate counterfeit money detection. The Dual Detector Pen brings the proven, trusted paper test as well as a UV light to detect the ultraviolet strip present on all US currency $5 and higher.

Protect your business with trusted, recommended original Dri Mark products!