Port Huron PD advises merchants to check for counterfeit money, as there has been a rash of counterfeit money being passed to stores in recent weeks. Read the full story here.

Authorities have asked local stores to remind their employees to take an extra moment to look at the bills they’ve been handed, consider the size, print, and feel of the paper currency. One other request they made of merchants is to check the money’s authenticity, “…out of view of customers,” to avoid alerting the counterfeiters to suspicion.

This is where the Flash Test counterfeit detector can help merchants and their team members quickly, easily, and reliably test bills for authenticity. The Flash Test can test bills in seconds, right at the point of purchase, with three quick verifications: the Ink Test, the Watermark Test, and the UV Test. Watch the simple training video here to see how the Flash Test works and keeps fake currency out of your cash drawer.

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