Dri Mark Products, Inc. acknowledged 60 years of manufacturing writing instruments in the USA with a November luncheon for employees and rewarding them with a gift card to one of their preferred customers.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, employees attended a luncheon at Dri Mark headquarters in Bethpage, NY and shared endless stories about working there and how marker and counterfeit detection technology has evolved over the years.

Each employee received a $60.00 gift card to Target.  Target, a key customer in Dri Mark’s loss prevention business segment, was selected for the reward as they use the original Counterfeit Detector Pen to identify suspicious currency at the point-of-purchase.

Dri Mark continues their proud tradition of manufacturing markers in the USA and as a leader in the loss prevention industry.  In 1958 Dri Mark opened its doors in Long Island, New York and became the first USA importer of a cutting edge marker technology originating in Japan.  In 1973, Dri Mark purchased the Japanese manufacturer and began “making marker history” in the USA.  In 1991, Dri Mark patented the first Counterfeit Detector Pen, which opened a new chapter in Dri Mark’s stellar presence in the industry.


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