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Q&A with iTestCash


Q&A with iTestCash

September 6, 2022

Q&A with iTestCash

In 2007, iTestCash became one of the first businesses to start selling Dri Mark Product’s original counterfeit detector pen. As the loss prevention industry progressed, iTestCash began to carry a variety of Dri Mark detection solutions and become a money handling online megastore. Now, with a wide variety of all the most innovative cash management and detection solutions on the market, iTestCash is a one stop shop for all your business needs. We sat down with the company’s CEO, Alex Reichmann to ask him a few questions about his experiences with Dri Mark. Here’s what he had to say…

Q: Could you tell us about your company?

A: iTestCash was started back in the early days of e-commerce on the internet, with the idea to be a one stop shop for cash handling and security products for retailers such as counterfeit detectors and money counting machines. Since then, we’ve come to sell the best counterfeit detectors and bill handling devices in the industry, which of course included Dri Mark.

Q: How and when did you first start working with Dri Mark?

A: My grandfather was one of the originators of Dri Mark which included my father and uncle in the business at the time, so it originates from a family related business.

Q: Other than counterfeit detection tools what other Dri Mark products does your company carry?

A: At iTestCash we mostly stock the counterfeit detectors since that is our company’s main focus, but we have recently added yellow highlighters into the mix. We’ve had such a good response to Dri Mark’s highlighters that we’re looking to add additional marker varieties as well.

Q: What do your customers think of Dri Mark detection solutions? 

A: The counterfeit detector pen and the Tri-Test Detector are among our top sellers and the reviews we’ve received on them have been extremely positive. There are very little customer service issues with Dri Mark’s entire line and they are all stand out products in our line of products.

Q: What sets Dri Mark apart from their competitors?

A: Dri Mark is the originator of the counterfeit detector pen and has kept up a high standard for quality since their early days. Customers want to purchase detection devices from Dri Mark because they are known for their high quality and durability.

Q: Dri Mark is known for being the original patent holder for the iconic counterfeit detector pen. What other Dri Mark products are worthy of the iconic status?

A: In addition to their money detection products, I have always been a fan of Dri Mark’s highlighter markers. All of Dri Mark’s markers are made in the USA and shipped from NY. The quality of the markers shows and keeps customers coming back.

Q: What do you think Dri Mark does particularly well?

A: Other than counterfeit detection devices, I think the Dri Mark custom marker service is excellent. Dri Mark helps big and small businesses get bulk productions of customized markers together, with high quality and short lead times.

Q: Can you describe Dri Mark customer service and Shipping?

A: I have always had an easy time working with Dri Marks customer service. I find that they are always easily accessible and ready to help no matter how big or small the problem is. Dri Mark shipped out of New York and the warehouse and shipping is particularly fast and reliable as well.

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