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Dri Mark is Proud to Announce our Partnership with Long Island’s Maryhaven!


Dri Mark is Proud to Announce our Partnership with Long Island’s Maryhaven!

July 17, 2023

Dri Mark is Proud to Announce our Partnership with Long Island’s Maryhaven!

Dri Mark is proud to announce our partnership with Long Island’s Maryhaven! Established in 1929, Maryhaven stands as one of largest human service agencies in Suffolk County, NY providing residential and day habilitation programs, as well as vocational and employment programs, to hundreds of people living with a disability.

When the issue of correcting packaging came up, Dri Mark saw an opportunity to work alongside Maryhaven at their Integrated Business Center. Maryhaven’s Integrated Business Center (IBC) employs people living with disabilities and promotes an environment where they work alongside non-disabled workers.We sat down with Maryhaven’s Business Development Manager,  Jim White, to ask him a few questions about his experiences with Dri Mark.

Here is what Jim had to say …

Q: What is Maryhaven’s mission and vision?

A: The mission of Maryhaven is to enrich the lives of people with special needs. We provide support with compassion in our residential, day habilitation and vocational services while promoting individuality and integration.

Maryhaven’s vision is to foster a community whereby people with special needs are safe, accepted and supported. Our individuals, their families, staff and partners in the community will work together to ensure the growth of the individual so they may reach their highest potential and enjoy a life with dignity, purpose, and inclusion.

Q: What are Maryhavens four main values?
A: Maryhaven is committed to promoting an environment that embraces:
● Excellence: We are committed to growing, learning, excelling, and creating environments
where merits are affirmed and celebrated.
● Integrity: We make decisions based on fairness, honesty, morality, and ethical principles.
● Equity: We believe that all people are entitled to dignity and opportunities.
● Respect: We respond to and communicate with courtesy, kindness, and honesty.

Q: What programs have been created through Maryhaven?
A: Maryhaven has created many programs, offering a full range of services, including
residential, day habilitation, and vocational training. We are proud of our unique day programs that are focused around the interest of the people attending including,  but not limited to, our Culinary Arts and Performing Arts programs.Maryhaven hydroponics program

We are also incredibly proud of our Hydroponic program where our “growers”  sell lettuce and herbs at local farmer’s markets and our fresh herbs are being used at the Tap Room Restaurant in Patchogue. This program has partnered with Cornell University Extension and the NYS Welcome Center to   provide community integrated employment options. To learn more visit our website.


Q: What companies have teamed up with Maryhaven in the past/currently?
A: We have long term relationships with many companies including Altice, Hain Celestial,
Topiderm, Catholic Health, PK Metals and E-green Recycling. Additionally ,we are a 30 year producing member agency of New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID), through which we have partnerships with 20 NYS Unified Court offices, SUNY Stony Brook University and Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Q: How have partnerships helped Maryhaven?
A: The partnerships have helped Maryhaven’s Integrated Business Center (IBC) provide consistent CHOICE employment for people living with disabilities who have challenges meeting industry productivity standards. Learn more HERE 

Q: Do you have to live on the island to be involved with Maryhaven?
A: No. Most of the people in our program live in Suffolk County, however our business partners come from all over the United States.

Q: What goals does Maryhaven have for the future?
A: Maryhaven’s goal for the future is to become THE Long Island employer of choice for people living with disabilities. To do this seek to create more business partnerships like we have with Dri Mark.

Q: How can others help to reach this goal?
A: Companies can be open to providing basic packaging and assembly opportunities to the IBC and by donating to our mission through our foundation office HERE