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The Top Trends In Counterfeiting: What You Need To Know


The Top Trends In Counterfeiting: What You Need To Know

December 21, 2020

The Top Trends In Counterfeiting: What You Need To Know

In this modern, digital world it’s easy to think that counterfeit cash is a thing of the past. It’s true that contact-less payment, debit, and credit card usage are on the rise but it’s also true that criminals don’t take a break.  Amidst a global pandemic, counterfeit cash, ID’s, and gift cards threaten businesses that are already working with small margins and struggling to stay afloat.


seized counterfeit money

The year 2020 began with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seizing almost one million dollars in counterfeit cash at the Canadian border. This cash is thought to originate from China and most interestingly came in the form of only one-dollar bills. Counterfeiters are smart and using smaller denominations of fake money mixed with real can be an easy way to trick cashiers during a checkout.

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Girl Scout Cookie FraudFebruary brought an unforgettable incident of counterfeiting, when an Oregon man used a fake twenty-dollar bill to purchase Girl Scout Cookies outside of a Walmart. Now, to be fair I understand his need for Thin Mints, however, this blatant display of fraud is a prime example of how anybody or any industry is vulnerable to counterfeit cash. It’s so important to train your staff on how to identify fakes and what to do if they come into contact with a fraudster. Sometimes just the presence of a counterfeit detection product is enough to deter counterfeiters.

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Counterfeit 20 dollar billIn August, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, gas stations in Wisconsin fell victim to counterfeit cash when fraudsters attempted to pass fake one hundred-dollar bills at multiple locations. In times of crisis, when unemployment rates are high there is also almost always a rise to nonviolent crime. This increase in crime is a result of people stealing essential items out of necessity. Items such as groceries, baby formula and in this case, gas are many times the primary targets. Businesses that sell consumables are already working with smaller profit margins, so to recoup a hundred-dollar loss is a big deal.

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counterfeit money used in Naples restaurantsAs 2020 came to a close, counterfeiters reared their ugly heads once again in Florida restaurants. In December, two counterfeiters attempted and succeeded in passing off bogus bills in multiple restaurants. Businesses that sell low priced items like sodas and snacks are particularly at risk because a three-dollar sale paid for with a fake hundred-dollar bill would result in a ninety-seven-dollar loss. Now, more than ever when restaurants are still getting back on their feet after many months of closures, profits must be protected.

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Now that you’ve seen that counterfeiting is alive and well, let’s talk about how to protect yourself.

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