Dri Mark Products, Inc., the preferred source in loss prevention for counterfeit currency and fraudulent ID detection, returns to Vegas to exhibit at the annual 2019 Nightclub & Bar Expo, March 25 – 27.

Dri Mark will be showcasing their entire collection of counterfeit detection and ID authentication systems, demonstrating various ways to prevent counterfeit money from entering cash drawers and identifying genuine forms of ID’s.

The Flash Test, their newest point-of-purchase detection unit, provides 3 effective tests to detect bogus paper currency. The Ink Detector performs a quick scan of the ink on the front of the bill and responds either with a green light and audible beep confirming the money is authentic, or is silent without any light, indicating the bill is suspicious.  The Watermark Detector shows the presence, or lack thereof, of the Watermark for the appropriate bill denomination.  The UV light reveals the appropriate, embedded security thread.

UV Pro Pocket

The UV PRO is a powerful, hand-held ultraviolet light that authenticates embedded features on official ID’s and reveals the security features on paper currency that is not detectable with the naked eye. It operates on 3 “AAA” batteries and is available with a tethered coil attachment to keep it conveniently secured at the point-of-purchase.

Dri Mark’s  Dual Test combines the original Counterfeit Detector Pen, that conducts the paper test, with a UV light, that reveals the appropriate, embedded security strip for each denomination.

The Tri-Test, an ultra-portable, countertop detection system, performs 3 simple tests to authenticate paper currency:  the classic paper test using the original counterfeit detector pen; a UV light test that reveals the embedded security strip for each denomination; and the backlit LED light test that reveals the watermark portrait.  It operates on 3 “C” batteries or is available with an AC adapter.

“As counterfeit money continues to appear both here and abroad, the need for dependable security detection is essential to protect a company’s assets,” says Mark Dobbs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dri Mark’s Security Division. “No one can afford to be without a basic paper and light test when handling cash transactions.  And that is where we excel,” Dobbs added.

For more on Dri Mark and product videos, visit www.drimark.com/security


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About the Nightclub & Bar Expo: The nation’s most influential gathering of bar and nightlife professionals. A trade event, the Nightclub and Bar Show attracts the hospitality industry who gather to source the latest products, learn new technologies and develop mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers that move the industry.


About Dri Mark:  Dri Mark Products, Inc. is the original patent holder and only domestic manufacturer of counterfeit detector pens.  Established in 1958, Dri Mark pioneered the use of LED technology for counterfeit detection and is the preferred source for authenticating counterfeit currency and fraudulent ID’s.  Located in Bethpage, NY, Dri Mark manufactures a variety of makers for the toy, hobby, education, cosmetic, and sports industries along with custom inks and markers.