Dri Mark Products, Inc., the preferred source for counterfeit detection and ID fraud protection, returned as a Delegate to The Secure Stores Forum, an invitation-only annual event for retail loss prevention professionals to connect with providers in small group presentations and one-on-one sessions.

At this year’s Forum, held February 5-8, 2019 at the exclusive Westin Resort in Lake Las Vegas, NV, Dri Mark executives, Cathy Williams-Owen/President & CFO, Mark Dobbs/VP Sales & Marketing, and Kathy Bromer/VP Sales & Marketing, connected with LP leaders in a relaxed, private-retreat environment to share ideas and learn about the challenges loss prevention specialists face in preventing counterfeit currency from entering their cash registers at the point-of-purchase.

Dri Mark’s presentation focused on their newest patent pending counterfeit detection system – the Flash Test™. This unique countertop device provides three fast, reliable tests to detect counterfeit currency – an ink test, an embedded security stripe test, and a watermark test. “It’s designed for a quick, effective check for bogus bills at the point-of-purchase”, stated Mark Dobbs, head of the Security division at Dri Mark. “It is small enough to plug in next to the cash register, doesn’t require any maintenance and has continuous training via the QR code on the top of the detector,” added Kathy Bromer.

“We offer a variety of loss prevention solutions at affordable price points,” Cathy Williams-Owens interjected. “Our Dual Test combines our original Counterfeit Detector Pen, which authenticates genuine currency paper, with a powerful UV light that reveals “bleached bills” by detecting the correct placement and color of the embedded security stripes for each denomination,” she further stated. Also featured at the Forum were the UV PRO – a handheld, battery-operated detector that utilizes five proprietary, short wave UV bulbs that is ideal for not only detecting counterfeit money but also for revealing UV features on drivers licenses, ID’s, passports, credit cards and other official forms of identification.

About Dri Mark
The leading USA manufacturer of counterfeit security systems to identify counterfeit currency and verify IDs at the point of purchase. Located in Bethpage, NY, Dri Mark is the original patent holder and only domestic manufacturer of Counterfeit Detector Pens, our Dual Test, Tri-Test, UV Pro and new FlashTest(TM) detector systems. Combined with our on-demand training videos and support materials, Dri Mark continues to develop the highest level of counterfeit security at affordable prices.

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