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“Florida Man” joins ranks of movie money counterfeiters


“Florida Man” joins ranks of movie money counterfeiters

April 16, 2019

“Florida Man” joins ranks of movie money counterfeiters

The rash of counterfeit money usage hit the Sunshine State as a man in Clearwater, FL attempted to buy lottery tickets with fake currency meant for usage as props in motion pictures. See the whole story here.

This “movie money” scam has been seen in multiple US states with perpetrators hoping that busy, distracted cashiers will not notice the words “for motion picture use only” in the printing of the counterfeit bills.

“Florida Man” joins ranks of movie money counterfeiters

Dri Mark has your business covered with tools for every point-of-purchase and selling situation. For complete coverage, the Flash Test Counterfeit Bill Detector is smaller than a smartphone and can conduct three tests for authentic currency in about a second.

For point-of-purchase settings with less counterspace, the Dual Detector Pen is the highly-mobile handheld that detects counterfeit bills with either the marker – originated by Dri Mark and used for over 25 years – or the UV light to display the security stripe that is present on genuine currency $5 and above.

For pocket-sized protection, equip your team with the UV Pro – great for clubs, bars, and festivals where counter space is not available. The UV Pro quickly lights up the UV strip on US currency and, additionally, can assist in authenticating IDs.

Flash Test Counterfeit Detector

These Dri Mark detectors will alert your front-of-house team to take a second (or third) look at the currency they are being handed to keep movie money out of your cash drawer.

The Dri Mark Flash Test ™ and other innovative counterfeit detection products are available for bulk purchase. Contact us here for more information.