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How to spot a counterfeit bill


How to spot a counterfeit bill

November 16, 2017

If you own a business, your team members handle bills multiple times per day. But do you and your team know your money?? Would you know how to detect counterfeit money? Is one of the big bills in your drawer right now fake currency?

The U.S. Secret Service has provided a downloadable PDF that is a great top-level view of the characteristics of genuine US currency, giving starting points for detecting a counterfeit bill.

Check the PDF for features on the commonly-counterfeited $20 and $50 such as:

  • Microprinting
  • Federal Reserve Seal
  • Security Thread
  • Watermark
  • Color-shifting Ink

As counterfeiters find newer ways to produce forged bills, you can be ready with Dri Mark’s innovative products that fit any business situation and budget: