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What to look for on a state-issued ID


What to look for on a state-issued ID

November 16, 2017

Verification of identity is a priority for local governments and state law enforcement agencies. The Dri Mark UV Pro and UV Pro Plus can help!

Spring break, family vacation, road trips – Americans are on the move! How can municipalities, event organizers, and businesses find the time to educate their front-line employees on how to spot a counterfeit ID when there are so many?

Dri Mark has you covered with our 2017 free State Driver License Guide download. Front-of-house team members are probably familiar with UV security features on IDs from their home state, but this handy download will equip them with what to look for in an ID issued from another state. Download it here today!

The UV features visible on these IDs will appear when using the UV Pro and UV Pro Plus detectors. You can find more information on these and our other counterfeit detection products here.